The Republic of Texas was create because of the anarchy and incapability of the US government, most National Guard and Military Bases in Texas switch to the ROT but the others where overruned with infected.The Military Base join the Republic of Texas for it was the only power doing anything to help the people.


President: Garrett Porche


The Presidential Building in Houston

Location:West/Northwest Texas

Population: 3.5 Million.

History of the RepublicEdit

After collapse of the US government The Republic of Texas didn't form right away.Instead it was the Idea of a few men that started the Republic of Texas after gaining a lot of support in Houston they spread out to the rest of Texas soon west texas and some of north texas joined. the main Idea of this Group is to represent peace and freedom, after securing the major Citys and town the Republic is currently undergoing operations to secure the rest of texas before speading out wards to others.

The ROT Armed ForcesEdit

Men of 3 Battalion,2nd Regiment patrolling on borders of Texas


Texan Army Recruits undergoing Combat training Drills


Much of the ROT's Army came from the National Guard and the Military Presence in the Region. With this they wield a military might to contain the situation of the infection. the ROT is recruiting and training its military to fight,to better defend themselfs from others and to keep expanding to the rest of Texas

Commander in Chief:President Garrett Porche

The Army of the ROTEdit

The Land Arm of the ROT is its primary defense from the threats that would collapse the Republic. With this many of the men of the National Guard continued to serve as the frontline soldiers of the Republic.

The standing Texan army is 10,000 men 

1341138 300

Men of the 64th Artillery Brigade performing firing practice.


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