The Kingdom of Gladstone is a small fiefdom sitting in and around Kansas City, led by King Eagan I.


Flag of the Kingdom of Gladstone

Geography and Trivia

The Kingdom's capital is Kansas City, one of the few cities of its kind. The central portion is walled, harkening to the castles of old. Most of the surrounding area is farmland, excepting some portions of the suburbs, which had been demolished for more farmland and some minor industrial capacity. The Kingdom's borders extend nearly circular around the capital, with a 50 mile radius. The Kingdom is surrounded by a regularly-patrolled, barbed wire fence to keep out infected and discourage bandits.

Royal Family

Char 90943

Princess Cleo

The Family TreeEdit

  • King Eagan I - Former mayor of Kansas City, the founder of the Kingdom.
  • Queen Anna - Eagan's deceased wife, died in childbirth of the two princes
  • Princess Cleo - Eagan's only daughter, and current heir to the throne
  • Prince George - One of the two infant princes
  • Prince Charles - George's twin brother

The ArmyEdit

The Gladstonian army is small, but effective in it's current role. Tasked with defending the Kingdom, it is split into three forces:

Organisational PatternEdit

  • The Royal Guard - Tasked with defending the palace and the royal family
  • The Stationary Guard - Tasked with defending and maintaining the Kansas City walls
  • The Legion - Tasked with defending the outlying areas of the Kingdom, as well as patrolling and defending the perimeter fence

The Army is primarily armed with older US weaponry, such as M-16/AR-15s and uparmored cargo vehicles. As vehicles and fuel is limited, much of the Legion is mounted horseback, with their uniforms pilfered from the Kansas City WWI Museum, with others tailored to match. The Royal Guard is armed with a supply of British rifles that a local essentric had ordered shortly before the End.

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